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Enjoy this full episode of Common Knowledge with Joey Fatone. Watch and play along with the whole family!

Common Knowledge with Joey Fatone, Weeknights 5:30p


About Common Knowledge
Joey Fatone hosts Common Knowledge, the game show that asks those practical, everyday questions that everyone should know. Two teams of three (friends/co-workers/relatives) compete to answer multiple-choice questions in three rounds of play with the winning team going on to the bonus round to play for $10,000.

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  1. Write In Round
    1. Sports ✅
    2. Bling ✅
    3. America ✅
    4. Literature ❌

  2. 5/7 Questions Answered in the bonus round

  3. This show is so boring. Such a slow pace when the host has to ask somebody why they chose the answer they did after every. single. question. 👎👎

  4. Bri and Larry are the best contestants ever.

  5. Excellent work! Shine on superstars!

  6. Most of the bonus round questions are riridiculously obscure like eels mating in the Sargasso Sea and the most common diameter of a garden hose! Geez why not ask what is the average number of broken Dorito chips in a full size bag? Show must have a tight budget on prize money.

  7. Why are all these people complaining about a fantastic show for god sake get a life instead of complaining Enjoy if you don’t like it don’t watch it …. Case closed… obviously you’re watching it so all you can do is complain about it turn the TV off then you won’t have anything to complain about I think Joey Fatone is a fabulous host it’s a show I totally enjoy… Way to go Joey Love you and you’re show ….😜

  8. Is it just me or are those little diamonds supposed to be Plumbobs? I kid you not, those are Plumbobs

  9. I miss game shows that gave bonus money whenever a team didn’t win the grand prize, but still did well for their effort; rather than going by their “new policy” of ‘you either win it all or you get squat’.
    Like this show could’ve given the winning team $100, $250, or $500 for every question they got right in the Bonus Round or something like that.

  10. Actually, coffee is good for your skin too. It contains anti-oxidant, which can prevent signs of aging of the skin, it has anti-microbial properties, and also improve blood circulation for rosy skin…

  11. Ladies. Wow. That’s pretty bad. Not the pathetic playing and lack of knowledge on the most basic stuff. Not that, I am referring to the fact that your getting married after 8 months. Or is it a year ? One of you didn’t know. Lol. That was the best part. What’s the rush y’all ? Maybe share that you used a bag at Maceys before you move forward. This was too good.

  12. I think there should be a fourth option (D) on each question to prevent each contestant from choosing all of the options (one choosing a, one choosing b, and one choosing c).

  13. ATTN: you had a question about the acid in onions. SULFEMIC acid is the correct acid in onions. Not Sulfuric! Sulfuric is used in vehicle batteries and other industrial chemical processes. CHANGE your question!

  14. Too much chit chat and process. Too few questions. Perfect for California. This is idiotic.

  15. So amazing to see Joey's versatility continue to grow since the days of NSYNC!!!!
    Hope Joey and the boys eventually do a reunion tour whenever they're ready.

  16. This show is trash lol. Those girls kicked these idiots butts but it was meaningless because all the points were in round 2. Plus how the hell is how much water an average family uses a day "common knowledge". Weird they got that right but don't know the fastest lane when I'm sure they drove on the highway to get there…

  17. I think I also would have guessed Sweden on that bonus round question.

  18. I would love to be a fly on the wall in that honeymoon suite.

  19. This is my beautiful fiancée-!! OMG THATS SO COOL!!! It may seem small but I haven’t seen a wlw couple on a game show before and that’s so nice! I’d totally love to have my girlfriend or significant other on a show with me 🥺💓

  20. common knowledge is my favorite show because it's with all the categories

  21. This is the iphone version of Family Feud – dumbed down and easy without all the good stuff.

  22. These men should shop more and the pretty “girls” could have done some homework in high school.

  23. Joey promised we'd be married after divorcing Kelly. I'm still waiting 😢
    I ❤ you Joey!!!🥰

  24. I love common knowledge it is just my style I hate they took it off the game show network

  25. This show makes me sad, and worried for the human race.

  26. I worked at sears and the plastic bag really worked

  27. The Baseball question @11:30 is answered wrong. its still a no hitter. says nothing about walks



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