Black Adam | Official Trailer | DC

The world needed a hero, it got #BLACKADAM Only in theaters October 21.

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Quintessa Swindell

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Black Adam | Official Trailer | DC


  1. Someone from Romania worked at the sound design 😁

  2. Can anyone tell me what's the relation between black Adam and Shazam? 🥲

  3. DC su ultimo episodio de los jovenes titanes fue el peor era su fan pero por bularse de MARVEL COMICS me edado cuenta de que son los peores

  4. 0ctober21 is my birthday guys***************

  5. What's Black Adam's origin story? I've never heard of him before. Will be the 1st time The Rock plays a villain?

  6. I want to see 'Superman vs Black Adam' by my two favourite man Henry and Dwayne ✌️

  7. why did they raceswap hawkman and Black Adam?

  8. Where is superman to teach the rock a lesson?

  9. 0:09 the same alarm sound that was used on the Pillar of Autum in Halo CE lol

  10. 👍 I'll be at the theater for this movie for sure

  11. Omg I'm just like black Adam. The part with the baton to the head and it doesn't even faze him. I took a claw of a hammer to the chin full blown and it didn't break skin or bruise at all it didn't faze me.

  12. It’s literally just all the good marvel scenes in dc

  13. I'm only excited about Doctor Fate, tbh. I will still keep an open mind about Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. I prefer him as a Villian.

  14. Black Adam and Wonder Woman hmm 🤔 that be juicy

  15. Looks pretty good. Pierce Brosnan is inspired casting as Dr Fate.

    But you guys need to start tying the DCEU together properly. Keep Cavill as Superman.

  16. Why Hawk is black? Where is Shaira? Is it dr Fate? What next? Black Joker, black batman,Black superman(I know in comics has black batman, and superman).

  17. NO WAY did I watch that Shazam movie. Shazam "Blowing Bubble Gum"? Really? This is what makes DC look bad, and why MArvel keeps kicking DC in the teeth. Even back in the 1970s version, Shazam was not some good ball. For all of you that are new to Black Adam, Google Superman, and Shazam vs Black Adam. This should be a good movie. I agree Clyde, it has to be Henry as Superman or, it won't be good. And, Superman has to win if they are to stay with the comic book version.

  18. Never really got into DC, is this related to Shazam in anyway with like the lightning bolt chest or is it completely seperate

  19. So let me get this straight. Dwayne Johnson is playing himself just in a costume. Haha

  20. Why, in a time of such a sensitive society, did they decide to release a film about a character whose name would get you fired for saying at your job?

    Adam: “morning guys”
    “Hey what’s up, BLACK Adam?”

  21. This will be a disaster like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  22. If its as epic as thist railer, looks good

  23. Black Adam, Black Panther, Black Lightening. Something is not qWhite

  24. boooo cant stand the rock…same muscle meathead in all his movies.

  25. I'm excited about this movie.
    I love it already!!

  26. And they got the rap God to do the song for it

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