Birmingham 2022 begins with spectacular opening ceremony | Commonwealth Games – BBC

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Watch the best bits from an entertainment-packed 2022 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Birmingham featuring royalty, an athlete parade, a giant bull and live music from Duran Duran.

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  1. Bro, this was literally a satanic ritual…. What the actual frick…?!

  2. They totally cut out the part where the crowd worships the beast…. I mean, the bull.

  3. Yahweh is finally bringing judgement on the nations in the form of this evil. You’re getting exactly what you deserve for distorting his Law through Christian doctrine. It’s all planned and within divine timing. He is in control.

  4. Christina Lalhriatpuii Nana Lalhriatpuii Nana says:

    Satanic ceremony

  5. The poor black was brainwashed, she was chosen amongst others, it’s call Sin not skin. If u were put in her place as a black girl it would be a privilege to be at the center not knowing who GOD is u will do that as third high priestess it’s not her their fault is that of her their up bringing and they will call it ignorance for pay,

    But we pray for Gods Forever grace and forgiveness lead us n guid us all because it’s coming and HE “JESUS CHRIST” is coming more now then ever we need to pray 🙏.

  6. I hate to see people worshiping the Beast in the form of the Bull!!! God will punish the organizers.

  7. UK Garage Gold - Classic Vynl Collection says:

    Now I know the BIBLE is True!!! Lord Jesus Christ I ask for forgiveness for my willfull sins , for not preparing. Please let me come back to you. Please save me and my family and those who have fallen like me. Have mercy on us Lord Jesus Christ son of God . Please pray for me saints

  8. There is only one God who eternally exists as three coequal and coeternal persons, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We have all sinned and broken God’s law. God is Holy and Just and because of this, God cannot let sin go unpunished, and that punishment is eternal hell. We can’t work our way into heaven and our good deeds can’t save us from our sin. The bible says all our righteous acts are like filthy rags. We would perish if we died and faced God with our own righteousness.

    The Good news is that God sent his only son to save his people from their sin. Jesus who is fully God and fully human, lived a perfect life and never sinned. He willingly went to the cross where the Father took the wrath that was meant for his people and put it on Jesus. Jesus paid the price for their sin and died on the cross. He was buried and on the third day God raised him from the dead. God calls all of mankind to repent of their sins and to put their trust in Jesus. Everyone who does this will have their sins credited to Jesus, and will have his righteousness credited to them. Their sins will be forgiven, and they will be given eternal life. To repent means to change your mind about Sin. A change of mind will result in a change of action, you will turn away from sin and turn to God. Christians will struggle with sin and they won't be perfect, but they don’t embrace and live in sin. When it’s time to face God, he will welcome them into heaven because of Jesus’s righteousness.

  9. The bull 🐂 is very interesting or shouldn't I say Baal ! 🤔

  10. No more fear of jesus, we are literally in the last days bible is Truth Amen

  11. Spectacularly demonic. This does not bode well for the UK or the world.

  12. Satanic to the core ! The end times are. Be ready to meet the Lord Jesus Christ now !

  13. They should have all have walked out of that stadium they have worhiped evil and that is not people want to win for there country if I were there l would have walked out am with the lord and Jesus Christ who is coming soon 🌈🙏💖

  14. Whoever is reading this , repent to Christ right now

  15. Brilliant thanks Birmingham for a brilliant games and sprit of public. Birmingham Forever x


  17. Bull ceremony is totally iluminaty action. This is a misleading or a sign to show england is under the symbolism

  18. That opening ceremony was absolutely horrible. Horrible. The representation of evil in the ceremony just shows the direction the world is headed. My sympathies to England.

  19. People should not worship Lucifer i wished people understand how God sacrifice himself for our sin

  20. Estas son señales para que el pueblo de Dios sepa en que tiempo de las profecías estamos, el no creyente no sabe hermanos, solo enseñarles el camino correcto que es cristo, darles el mensaje de salvación y poco a poco entenderán, saludos.

  21. We're on a loopty loop, guys; goes around comes around. Back all the way to the Garden of Eden!😳

  22. All is evil!!!the west has failed being anti Christian!!!The bible told us and looks the end is coming!!!May the lord save the city and people!!!Birmingham and England are the home for the fallen angel and the babel of the bull shows how England is fallen!!!Lord save your people from these devil worshipers

  23. I can't believe Why are they worshipping baal( setan) in ENGLAND . Arrest all the organizers

  24. Baal worship in front your face. This is done over and over again.

  25. Gods say dont worship any symbolic relic thats againts god only god is the most powerful

  26. The world is run by Freemasons, or in other words, Satanists. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE PUBLIC EYE, is a Satanist.

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