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Bingo game that you can play online
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A big thank you to all the teachers out there making a difference in the lives of all their students. Your impact will not go unnoticed and there is tremendous gratitude for the work and effort you put into this profession.


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  1. thank you soooo much .app made it soo easy

  2. thank you so much for sharing this tip❤.

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I will definitely use this tool in my lessons

  4. Thank you ! this is so useful for us! Keep sharing your expertise 👏👏

  5. Thank you for this! Will definitely be using it 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing tool. I will certainly use it in my lessons. Thanks a bunch💜

  7. It will be more interesting to give them definitions and they have to understand which word is meant

  8. Thanks for sharing this amazing tool. I will certainly use it in my lessons. Thanks a bunch

  9. a lot fun and useful, than you for sharing

  10. Thx a lot! I enjoy your videos and tips. It's awesome. What I do with Bingo, same thing but I let them also say a word and we take turns, so it's then a listening, speaking, reading and writing game.

  11. Can't see the bingo website link.

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