Best Two-Player Games

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Grab a friend and get ready for the best two-player games to play on PC.

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a friend and playing through some games. Especially because you can do things you’d never normally try IRL. Unless of course you already rob banks and cook meals in space. From puzzle solving and laughing to battling and arguing, there are hours of fun to be had with these two-player games.

So here is our list of the best two-player games to play on PC:

1 It Takes Two
2 A Way Out
3 Knights and Bikes
4 The Dark Pictures Anthology(s)
5 Payday 2
6 Overcooked 2
7 Don’t Starve Together
8 Moon Hunters
9 Portal 2
10 Untitled Goose Game

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  1. Just bought It Takes Two on Steam! IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It takes two is the best coop game ive ever seen!

  3. It takes two is 100% the best co-op game I've played. Super fun and beautiful. ♥

  4. I already played it takes two and now I can’t find nothing else that’s good

  5. how do we download these games?

  6. It takes two my love 😍 I want to see sequel 🙏🏻

  7. The narrator sounds like the lady from CYBERNET

  8. Overcooked is very hectic legit my 2 cousins kept starting fires and my bro just kept burning food 👁🐽👁🤚🏼

  9. Cant play or find anything good after It takes two!

  10. Is a PC better for mostly alone, but want to go 2 person for company. Or what system.

  11. I remember playing A Way Out with my brother, truly amazing experience.

  12. I played a way out and it takes two with my younger brother and I cried when the story of a way out ended because it was too good

  13. Best game evvvver i was very sad that I finished the game , any one know game same this game please???

  14. We will play Knights and Bikes, Portal 2 and Overcooked 2

  15. can anyone tell me how many of these games works on parasec ?

  16. Would swap out Pay Day 2 for Deep Rock Galactic.

  17. I want to have a friend to make videos witb

  18. some of these game are click bat so she wants to like

  19. Trine is missing? Wingspan? Root? The title of this video is simply wrong.

  20. wait how exactly you can play man of Medan and other games from same developers with two players?

  21. 12:14 Đôi khi muốn giả làm gà. Để xem anh thịt hay là anh nuôi.

  22. I wana play a game where i can be with my gf.I mean a multiplayer game.Only me & my gf based.We will be togrther in there,make things,explore,so many things.Is there a game like that?

  23. U forgot Unravel Two,It's one of my favorite co-op game.

  24. i was wondering if this game couch co ops meaning can my son play on the second controller with me in the same console? Annd if he could, do i have to create new account for him or i can invite him as a guest???Meow

  25. I felt like I also fell in love with my boyfriend all over again when playing It Takes Two, absolutely loved it!!!! Would love to play it again for the first time 😭

  26. a way out will make y’all break up because of the end😂😂

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