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New video! Top 5 Games for Remote Teams:

Looking for ways to keep your culture in check and team feeling ‘connected’ while working physically apart? In this session, I cover some of the games we play together as a team during our online social catchups.

00:00 Intro
04:30 Jamboard
05:48 Drawful 2
06:50 Partypack
13:06 All the games
13:23 Real or fake
15:21 Draw what I say


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  1. Does everyone on the call have to purchase and download the game? Like if I wanted to do "Drawful" with a virtual zoom team of 5 people, does everyone need to download it?

  2. wow stop talking and just provide the info

  3. These are some amazing ideas, love it! Cheers!

  4. i love this video.. basically what i need right now to engage my team during online meetings. My favorite is pictionary 😉

  5. Loved the ideas 💡 and some of these can be used in schools remote learning plans. Looked at Jackbox games and you have to pay for the rights to stream these games, and none was a hefty price, if you want to have fun. Kind of didn't understand that fee for the streaming as I'm not a gamer.

  6. Hey dear I am an hr and would want to host a game for a team of 20 people , can you guide me how do I use Pictionary or any other game where each one has to atleast participate

  7. How do we go about obtaining a copy of these games?

  8. so helpful and sound fun..gonna try on some with my team..thank you 🙂

  9. I love the video. I am a teacher and I am looking for ways to engage students. I love Jamboard and Jackpack ideas. Also interested in the Real or Fake game. thank you for producing.

  10. This is the best video on the topic I've seen so far! I am a teacher and we have been struggling to engage students, these games will definitely help.

  11. You should try TriviaMaker! We could give you a free membership and some memberships to give out for people to try.

  12. great video! And btw your laughter is probably the best one I've ever heard

  13. Really enjoyed the contact and your delivery style. Well done

  14. I loved your ideas of presentation. Can you share the slides with me so that we can make this as an employee engagement game activity, that would be so great of you,

  15. I am teaching my students through zoom. I wanted to play a game with them using the buzz. How can they see my screen and their buzzer at the same time?

  16. Hey, this was a great video. I am in need of some help with coming up for games for my family and friends. How can I get those games that you guys made up- ones in the ppt? Would you please share them?

  17. I can't sort out how to find the Real or Fake word slide deck. HELP – awesome ideas and soooo needed right now.

  18. You're a lifesaver! I got lots of ideas from your video. Thanks for this.

  19. Where do I find the real or fake game ?

  20. Excellent video for a time like this. Appreciate the ideas!

  21. Thank you for your advice! Really cool games

  22. Hi! Your virtual team building suggestions are great! In what way can I get a copy of your game materials? Thank you so much! 🙂

  23. I love every one one of these ideas and can't wait to try them! Are the real or Fake slides available?

  24. Brilliant! I am a facilitator and learnt some new tricks 😀

  25. Too much talk 👎🏻and not coming to the point

  26. I loved it,can you give me all games lists ,I want that please, thanks in advance

  27. The picture board has some interesting pictures 😉

  28. Can you please share the slides with me – how do I access this and is it free?

  29. hey Peter, this video is really helpful. Where I can find the deck of the games mechanic that you show? Thanks

  30. Too much talk before the actual video starts

  31. Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to apply this to our team!

  32. Amazing ideas.. loved it, can you share the PPT content of the games or link where i can download it will be helpful to engage with the team

  33. Thanks for sharing these great tools and ideas!

  34. Hello Pete, idea are really amazing. Can you share the presentations with us with the game ideas.

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