ANISH GIRI HAS NO FRIENDS also he is bad in word games

Samay Raina
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  1. this title is so well planned ….. really out of the box

  2. I love how Anish laughs so much in Samay's stream… 😃

  3. editor op, that windows xp shutdown edit was epic!!

  4. 4:50 , 2022, watching 2 top grandmasters and a streamer play rock paper scissors online🙂

  5. Anish Giri is really good at word games though, quite intelligent and a really funny guy.

  6. Whats the name of the game they played at the end?

  7. The video was so epic! Just a humble suggestion: make the thumbnails lil more attractive 🙂

  8. One of the world's greatest players right now just casually hanging out with our boi! So good to see that 🙂

  9. Nice editing re .. the last game was against Sagar bhai not Anish ..😂

  10. Which game was this word game? Anyone knows?

  11. Anish is bad at word games but Samay is worse.

  12. Can anyone tell me the last game's name

  13. I think for the first time i know the power of youtube subtitles..bcoz if its not there i couldnt understand a single word anish is saying..thank you subtitles..

  14. Last me sager bhai ka game edit kiya mast 😂

  15. My nails are growing faster than his channel

  16. Editor se bolo aacha kaam kre ya suhani wala hire kr lo 😂😂

  17. Irony dekhiye doston.
    (*at word games) hoga sahi 😞

  18. 14:28 hyperbullet against sagar shah 👀😂…………….chat be like : janta ko aap murkh samajhna band kar dijiye xD

  19. Autum… Lol Samay i thought they were going for Autism

  20. I had watched every video of samay on this channel but today I realized that I have not subscribed to the done.

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