ADLEYS 7th BiRTHDAY!! Miraculous Lady Bug Adley and her bday party with Akumatized Niko & friends

🎈our family tradition of Birthday Balloons in Bed then finding hidden presents for Adley 🎁

followed by pizza 🍕 and pancakes🥞


Best Day Ever 1284

IT’S ADLEY’S BIRTHDAY!! I cannot believe that she is 7 years old?!! I swear it was only a few months ago that we were bringing her home for the hospital. Niko Bear is helping me decorate. We are putting streamers all over the house leading to presents that we have hidden. If Adley wants her gifts, she’s going to have to play hide n seek to find them. But it’s not going to be easy to even play the game. Because Niko and I are setting up a trap on the stairs that she is going to need to get through like a Roblox obi!

After the gifts are hidden, the traps set, and Navey is awake, the family is ready to do our tradition of waking up the kiddos with balloons in bed. Jenny, Niko, Navey, and I rush in and start singing Happy Birthday to Adley!! She is all smiles and so excited for her big day! We head downstairs to start opening presents. She gets a new puppy toy and a new hamster doll, brand new board games and cute shoes, She also gets a Lady Bug costume because her birthday is Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir themed! She also gets a brand new watch that is awesome because it can call mom or dad, text, and we can keep track of her. We finish finding and opening all the presents and now its time to play with them. Its about time to do our birthday morning breakfast routine and Navey really wants us to eat pizza lol.

OOPS!! We forgot one. Adley looks high and low for the last gift that Niko hid super well. Once she finds it and unwraps it, she finds that it is a brand new remote control car. She and Niko decide that they are going to race their cars and see who can get the fastest speed test. We head out to the front yard and the races begin. Who will be fastest?

It’s not time for the party! Adley’s friend come over and the first thing that Adley wants to do is make crafts!! So everyone is making their very own lucky charms. We put out beads and letter blocks so the girls can make whatever they desire. It’s now time for some Lady bug Miraculous train. Adley teaches all her friends how to use the yo yo, but wait, Jenny toke some of Alli’s candy and that made her sad! Oh no, she’s Akumatized. She gets taken over by Hawk Moth and she starts making it super hard to hit the piñata. Adley and her party friends all take turns battling it, till they open it up, spilling candy and the butterfly they need to set Alli free.

I go to help them pick up candy and I accidently touch the butterfly that turns me into a bad guy, trying to ruin the birthday party and Akumatizing Niko, the vlog, and others at the party. I hope the kid superheroes can stop me in time. After the Lady Bug Adley and her friends save the day, its time for birthday cake, presents, and Niko turning on the splash pad. Oh no!

After the last guest goes home, we start getting ready for bed time, Adley and Niko want to jump on the trampoline. We head out so they can do some tricks. Niko shows off his summersaults and Adley her cartwheel and high kick. We end this best birthday ever looking at the moon, clouds, and thinking about past birthdays and the day Adley was born. So much fun! I love you Adley!! Happy Birthday!


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  1. I like you video so funny because is it Nicole is ladies

  2. Dad your Mimi with you the oh meaning baby baby baby

  3. What you talking about with that saying to me and everyone

  4. Message me because you why you say stinky Ali

  5. I’ve seen an episode where they do fall in love but the memories that white

  6. HAPPY birthday adley love your videos

  7. What no no spying on big mini sleep for your alley

  8. Hi happy birthday Adley I turn seven also like not too long ago i’m a little curious why do you throw balloons on the kids when it’s their birthday sorry if I’m a little late on the comments but that was a pretty cute miraculous ladybug birthday party and him and I like watching ladybug too and like from the video when she was born which I cannot even find all the way from them all the way up to now you can like really see her growing up and it’s like cute how like in one of your videos you’re like happy birthday I love your videos they’re really really funny

  9. Adley is a mouth younger then me when she's was 6 I was 7 but then it's my birthday I turn 8 and then she turns 7 and I have a channel to karenolass adventures but I guess byee

  10. Also my 7th birtday was ladybug too

  11. And its almost my birthday. My birthday is November 4 😚😚😚😄😁😆

  12. So I had a sad dream well it would happy to sad so it was where We are putting water somewhere at our school and then we got like this detention and we had to leave our parents for 3 days and then I woke up because I got sad and I barely talk and I was like Maybe I should watch some adley Because she is like the best And that Sad to happy Adley just made me happy and I know I'm no longer sad And by the way adley you need to stop growing up And by the way happy birthday😊

  13. omg adley i cant belive its your birthday!! i love miraculous and 1 second ago you wer 4!! and now your 7! and i love your vids oh and i am7 almost 8! happy birthday! and i am a girl like you happy birthday your friend riley

  14. oh and if you on roblox serch me my name is riley is the best 916

  15. happy brithday adly i realy want to meet you

  16. Happy Birthday Sweet Adley from Bentley cat and me Human Susan lol. xxooxx

  17. Why do I keep on getting older than Attley because she’s turning 7 and I’m 8

  18. Happy birthday Emily have a good day I love ladybug yeah I love that song so I'm going to have America birthday for my birthday bye have you have fun

  19. You’re the best mom ever you’re the best mom ever and you cook for me

  20. adley like pad the best birthday ever🥳🥳🥳

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  22. Happy birthday adley I love your videos so much thank you so much for videos for us every day and Keeping us entertained

  23. Happy birthday to Dailey 🎂🍬🍩

  24. ahhhh STOP GROWING UP!
    love you my little Adley 💕

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