8 New Games April (3 FREE GAMES)

April is here! It’s not great! vidya gaems!

Additional footage of Bleach Brave Souls – watch Globku’s review here

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – April 5th – Family Action – PS4, PS5, Xbox one, Xbox Series, PC, Switch
01:11 – MLB The Show 22 – April 5th – Sports Sim/Arcade – PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Switch
01:45 – FREE GAME – Live or Die – Battle Royale – OUT NOW – PS4 / PS5 backwards compatible
03:09 – FREE GAME – Bleach Brave Souls – OUT NOW – Real Time Beat em Up – PS4 / PS5 backwards compatible, mobile, PC
04:10 – FREE GAME – Ghostwire Tokyo: Prelude The Corrupted Case – OUT NOW – Visual Novel – PS4 / PS5 backwards compatible and PC
04:44 – FREE GAME GTA Online – OUT NOW – Online Crime Action – PS5 version free for 3 months
05:06 – FREE UPDATE – Returnal Ascension Update – OUT NOW – Survival action horror – Co-op – PS5 only
05:44 – Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror – April 7th – FPS zombie shooter – PS, Xbox, PC
06:15 – Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers – April 7th – JRPG – PS 4, Xbox one, switch
06:50 – Slipstream – April 7th – Retro racing – Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

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  1. With the gta online I didn't have ps plus and I had still got it for free

  2. The bastards took the GTA online away for free download to add to the PS5 and changed it to GTA+

  3. Live or Die is so BAD it's funny. Dont even waste your time

  4. Whats the game on the thumbnail

    The monster girl one :3

  5. How come a channel called playstation grenade only does fortnite content?

  6. Live or die has been out for a month and don't bother its poop not worth your time

  7. I just finished elden ring just in time for Lego Star Wars 😂

  8. Wow seeing Globku's youtube footage for bleach braves soul

  9. Chrono Cross was my JAM. Hope it aged well. This month is getting a 1 out of 10 from me. Nothing that even looks like I’ll bother saving to my account. LOL

  10. PLEASE don’t play live or die, it’s fucking dogshite

  11. Bleach brave souls is very generous with its gacha

  12. GTA Online: as of date & time of this post, I can't find GTA Online listed on the PS Store (via PC or PS App)

  13. I am excited to play Chrono Cross: Radical dreamers. I heard great things about this series and am happy to see it coming to PS4 & PS5.

  14. Lego Star Wars the sky Walker saga is not free

  15. Got me to click with lego Star Wars and an anime girl.

  16. I would try the bleach game, but I don’t wanna spend money just to get the only character I watched bleach for. I just want aizen, no aizen? I don’t care about bleach.

  17. Did he really steal bleach brave souls footage from Globku

  18. aaaaaye globku's bleach gameplay! nice 👌🏾

  19. Lmao bleach brave souls sucks ass. Don’t buy that trash.

  20. well I'm lucky to have a bleach brave souls account

  21. People’s democratic Republic of Korea says:

    Correction: only characters will be added as a DLC

  22. Lego star wars comes out on my birthday so this is perfect timing

  23. I’m pretty fucking sure that bleach brave or whatever is already free to play on the PS4 I don’t know maybe there’s a trial or something but I’m pretty sure I saw that name in there

  24. It looks fucking stupid on the PS4 is it does on the screen right now

  25. live or die seemed trash when i played it, controls are wonky and gameplay is just weird, would not recommend

  26. I am unable to find gta online on ps mobile app. I can’t claim it. Can anyone help me please?

  27. where are they gonna be free on?

  28. Can’t wait to get my hands on Lego Star Wars🙌 my most hyped game for April! 4 more days

  29. Do we have news on Tom clancys XDefiant?

  30. dude i havent watched your channel in so long since i sold my PS4… forgot how much i love these videos!!!

  31. Such a bummer lego star wars has no character customisation…

  32. Damn I did not expect to see Bleach at all on the Play Station

  33. my birthday is April 7th wish I could get something :/

  34. Lego Star Wars also releases on Nintendo switch

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