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Easy ESL Games
Here are 8 more easy games that work well in online classes (they also work well in normal classes too!

For Phil’s game in class see this video

The whiteboard app in the video is

and wordwall.net is where there were some online games
Here is the F word game

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  1. Awesome thank you! I would suggest doing actions with each word

  2. Interesting but you should be careful using other people image…
    Atleast make it less obvious hehe.

  3. I couldn't find that pixel game (featuring a fish) on wordwall.net Could you provide clearer links please

  4. Great games. Here is how I play the memory game. (It really helps them remember) After I show all the words I have them write or say a short story using all the words. This way they have to use the words correctly and it's much easier for them to memorize. For example: "I was walking to school and I dropped my pencil. It broke so I had to use a sharpener…"

  5. I am trying to look for tutorials on how to use the sticky notes on miro white board and they are not very helpful would you mind in making a video. Thanks!

  6. Hi my student mixes up his b and d . Nd I hv found this quite common among children. But how do we resolve it. I have tried teaching him drawing circle with right hand makes a b and the left hand makes a d also I tried the first and thumb thing to show b nd d. But to no avail. Help ne one???

  7. I have played Hidden Picture (like in old highlights). It can introduce new vocabulary or directional words.

  8. Thank you! You're amazing! Great videos and tips, I'll definately use some of those games.

  9. It Is not "MORE EASY", It is "EASIER"

  10. You guys are lifesavers!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! God bless you!!

  11. This is great and I love that you don't ramble! I play concentration but I've made my own board just using powerpoint. Then I just swap out the pictures each time I want to use it, the thing that helps the most is bringing pics forward and back with in powerpoint. Good luck teachers!

  12. We play bingo games, it works well and we play Mystery Box game. Teacher says 3 sentences and they guess the animal, object..

  13. Thank you so much for your videos, they're great!

  14. Excellent video..👏👏👏👏loved the game ideas … Thanks so much

  15. I made an online game that is great for a collaborative activity. It's a drawing game based on the classic Exquisite Corpse drawing game https://monsterland.net

  16. thank you so much!!! I love it 😀

  17. Great video 🌼🎉😊Visit my channel for the most enjoyable read aloud stories for children 🌞🌼🌺😊

  18. teacher; what is scince
    me;science is a subject
    teacher; …..

  19. Hello Sir! Could you show me about how to play game with kids both of in zoom and in class!

  20. Hi! Thank you for your great suggestions! I'd like to know how I can find the exact game you showed in this video at 4:00 on wordwall.net? I did a search but couldn't find this game…Thanks again!

  21. I love this! But I can't find the store that you mentioned where we can download and purchase items

  22. Very helpful! Thank you so much. Now I was wondering, this miro whiteboard game … Using Zoom we are able to share our mouse with the kids. I guess it would work very well with them clicking on the stickers. (I haven't tried yet though)
    Thanks again for the amazing tips!

  23. i need this for my proj. this really helps alot

  24. Hi, Thanks for your wonderful ideas. I have a question: How did you create Phill's game online?

  25. Can you please help tell how to use miro app? Thanks you.

  26. thank you !!!! creative and smart …great

  27. Thank you for sharing, it's really helpful 😁

  28. The conveyer belt game is fun on wordwall too. I like the classic…I went to the shop and bought some eggs, then the next student adds something to the sentence etc

  29. Hey loved your work …
    I hope you're happy 😊

  30. Absolutely awesome tips and the way you present them. Thank you!

  31. Thanks TWO lots! U r great help!!!! Hug from Argentina

  32. thank you so much for these resources, please make more

  33. Thank you, we all need these games, it's amazing that my mind goes blamk even when i theoretically know hundreds. Her is one i used in class many times…prepare a series of pictures (very simple is better…a lighthouse with a cat in the foreground for eample…) Choose one student who cannot see it, the rest of the class describe it and the chosen student draws. Another that was always very successful was what I called Interrogation. Students in a circle, one is chosen, the others have to fire rapid questions from prepared lists (better to zigzag rather than in order to keep up the tension)…questions like "what is your favorite pizza topping…where were you at 09 00 am…have you ever been to…whatever. No pauses, fast thinking. These would also work online i think…I will try tomorrow. Subscribed to your channel of course.

  34. you can share the control of your screen in Zoom and they can play memory game, you don't need numbers, they love to be in control of teacher's computer

  35. Can u plz make a video for games for online one to one classes?

  36. You made my day! Was running out of ideas and now am teaching troubled youth. You have helped me and these kids. THANK YOU! Your students are lucky to have you!

  37. I really like the video specially Phil’s game 🤣 thanks for sharing!

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