30 Amazing Open World Games You Need To Play AT LEAST ONCE [2022 Edition]

The open-world genre has been one of the most prominent ones in gaming, and for good reason. This medium relies on giving players a sense of escapism, and what better way to provide that than letting them loose in a virtual world that’s filled with opportunities and possibilities?

We have experienced a ton of great open-world games in recent years, and here are 30 of the best of all time.


  1. No days gone in this list makes me sad :")

  2. " Days Gone " is the most thrilling of them all. I reject this entire list, as it does not have DG.

  3. Excuse me? Elder scrolls online is latest entry and far better than Skyrim

  4. witcher 3 hands down best game ever made. played all the including rdr2 3 times but still witcher 3 it relieves me of anxiety .

  5. Where is AC Origins, AC Valhalla, AC Unity and Kingdom Come Deliverance

  6. It's always "Skyrim"

    What about Morrowind or Oblivion


  7. Mercenaries 1 and 2 and Just Cause are the games that in my opinion kickstarted the open world genre in a more modern setting as opposed to the traditional might and magic style setting of games like The Elder Scrolls series but the original 'open world' games have to be Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 and System Shock. I put open world in quotes because they are all set indoors, apart from a few outdoor locations in UW2.

  8. This gameplay sample for Skyrim looks exceptionally underwhelming.

  9. Jeffrey S. Green - Dynamic Photography says:

    How in the world do you leave Cyberpunk 2077 off this list?

  10. To anyone on the fence about Subnautica, this game is extremely unique and impressive. I highly recommend checking out Below Zero as well

  11. Nice to see prototype get some recognition, very underrated game, I'd love to see a remake or reboot.

  12. I'm glad PROTOTYPE got the recognition it deserved to be recommended in this video no matter what year it got released. Sadly, the devs didn't push far in this hidden gem of a game.

  13. Infamous 2!! The best of the series and top 3 best PS3 games of all time.. wish they would remake it. Needs to be on this list.

  14. Sleeping dogs is better then shitty overrated gta 5 saying after playing both games

  15. Best decision was making this list in random order so no one fight like a little bitch in comments section

  16. You forgot about the best game ever, Minecraft!

  17. why have you called this 2022 edition? is there one new game on this list? fkn clickbait
    Wait Forbidden West is on the list MY BAD

  18. If sleeping dogs was made and created in 2023 instead of ages most of games like it like gta 5 wouldn’t hold a candle to it, shame no creator has tried to pick it up and make another

  19. What a list! I'm in the minority that actually likes Death Stranding, and there's so many I've yet to crack open. Honorable mention to Days Gone!
    RDR2 fulfills one of my many childhood dreams of being a cowboy, while Black Flag fulfills another dream of being a pirate, and Ghost of Tsushima a samurai, and GTA series you get to run free as a one man terror.

  20. Someone recommend me a game – I’ve only played the fallout series and skyrim obviously gta aswell. So any games like them recommend them please!! I want that nostalgic feeling again

  21. watch dogs 2 will always have a very dear place in my heart. When I finally saved up enough money from doing a paper round at 13, I bought my PS4, and a copy of the game. I lost myself for hundreds of hours In that game, completed the story twice and still occasionally play online 6 years later. Its such a fun game. Takes common concepts of open world games and puts a new spin on it with the whole hacking aspect. Being chased by police? hack traffic lights, stuff like that. Its just a shame watch dogs legion wasn't that good. I would recommend watch dogs 2 to anybody.

  22. they need more open world games in so bored of fps games I want a fun open world mmo

  23. The Official Ceritfied Hood Classic Judge says:

    Why is the outro the most replayed part by a longshot? 💀

  24. Play WD2, go to Oakland, where I think it's called Elmhurst or something like that. It's the residential area with the 2 crescent streets (a-la Grove Street). The entire area is filled with gangs, you can spend hours messing around there, I've done it a lot.

  25. Bro forgot destiny 2 that game beats all of these in the video

  26. I couldn't get into some of these games Witcher 3 was amazing and skyrim but I really wish they made a more modern red faction game

  27. Red Dead 2, Witcher 3, Skyrim the Holy Trinity of open world

  28. i tried so hard to like witcher 3 i tried again recently on next gen update but i just can’t see the appeal. Way too many cutscenes and running accross the map. I bet I would be addicted if it had rdr2 engine and graphics though

  29. Days Gone and MadMax I highly enjoyed also. I really liked Death Stranding also, kept me on the edge of my seat!

  30. Assassin's Creed Odyssey deserves to be on this list.

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