3 Easy Icebreaker Games to Play on Video Conferences

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  1. Can you play the "where in the world is " game with people who don't know each other

  2. Thank you for sharing these ice breakers games. I will definitely use one or two of these game the first week of distance learning with my high school math students. "Pass the Word" would be a fun game to help build my students math vocabulary.

  3. Going to play tomorrow in my virtual Theatre class!

  4. These games sound fun! I will try one of these tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Teaching on an online platform, finding good Zoom games for kids who have anxiety and fear of speaking in a group is difficult. You just made my life a little easier! Thanks.

  6. Thank you so much!!! Greetings from Ecuador!

  7. The first two sound fun, the third game "Where in the world is…" looks like it will get boring after a few people. Maybe a variation is asking different people – "Who's on your left?" "Who's on your right?"

  8. Love your ideas! Thank you, thank you, I will use them this week to greet my new students in my google meet 🙂

  9. I'd like to use this video to share some icebreaker ideas during teacher professional development. Do you happen to have written instructions for these games that I can use in conjunction with the video?

  10. These are great! I really want to do them with my kids at school….only thing I'm trying to figure out is how I can work these in if half of my students are in class and the other half are online…

  11. We did these last week and our participants loved them! Thank you for sharing.

  12. game 2 and 3 are my favourite ones from now on. thank you

  13. These were great Zoom games! I played Catch the Word and Where in the World with my students at the beginning of our class meeting. They loved it!

  14. But how does this make them better at trivia?

  15. Thank you! I will use Pass the Word tomorrow during professional development with my department's teachers. I'll have them come up with an adjective to describe teaching virtually. Hopefully they'll like the game enough to play with their students.

  16. Thank you for sharing these awesome games! I teach drama to first and second graders. I am going to modify these games to use with them to improve their concentration.

  17. I wouldnt use these with adults, But these are GREAT for my Pre-schoolers Online!!! Thank You!!!

  18. Fantastic Tips, great for teachers! Thanks!!

  19. why the weird music? My tip is to turn it off!

  20. Your ideas are great! I'm gonna use them for my online classes! Greetings from Mexico 😀

  21. Geez, wish I had seen this video two weeks ago when school started. I will adapt this for a chapter review and also for upcoming team meetings. Thanks!

  22. I have 2 favorite games I play, Scattergories I email/text the cards before the games start, and Can You Name 5 (name 5 thing in a 5 seconds, ie 5 kinds of chips, 5 colors, 5 continents, etc).

  23. We play three things. I call on a student and say tell me three things athat are blue (or whatever ifeel like asking) The student names three things and then passes it to another Ray Ray tell us three things that are wet? And so on

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