3 Easy Icebreaker Games to Play on Video Conferences

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  1. thank you for the suggestions on the ice breakers! Super helpful!

  2. great games for kids during breaks in virtual school..

  3. These are awesome!! Thank you so much. 😆 🤟

  4. quite interesting ice breaker. I will try it in my homeroom class this morning.

  5. Clay Face is a great game for outgoing participants or theatre groups. Leader "molds" his/her face and then makes a crazy face. Everyone else "molds" their face at the same time and then mimics the leader's face. Leader calls out someone who "molds' their face and then makes a different goofy face which everyone mimics. Call next person and continue. Crazier face the better.

  6. Thanks for providing these examples of online inclusive activities.

  7. Good idea! I want to throw a ball to my grandson. ( A basket ball) How do I get started?

  8. Muy bien hecho Sean! I would expect no less from a Yongester! These can easily be used in a World Language classroom!

  9. Dumb games! Please think more before making a video.

  10. Fantastic, I tried it and it works! Thank you!

  11. I will be playing Where in the World Is? during my March call. I'll come back to share

  12. great idea, simple but everybody can enjoy it.. thanks for the idea

  13. It's fun and thanks for this….. I am wondering how "Where in the world is ………" works when your participants are in pages, saying like 2 or more pages… According to your video, you have only 9 participants including you so it is easy to mention any name we see in the monitors… As a lecturer, I often have 2 or more pages…

  14. Thank you for these great ideas! I'll use the Pass the ball one in a conference I'll have next Tuesday. 🙂

  15. Where in the world is best 🙂

  16. I just ordered and paid for the Emoji Battle Ice Breakers, but I received This or That in Chat instead. I tried to email this to you but the email address given on the order is incorrect and it was returned to me. I would like to have the item that I requested and paid for. Thank you!

  17. But if we have more than 200 people sir? It may take long time to include everyone!!

  18. Just the stuff i was looking for a new group of students to be introduced to each other..thnks….

  19. It's refreshing to get new ideas and thank you for making this professionally done video.

  20. I really need this but all of my classmates don't want to participate at all 🙁

  21. tq bro for these great ideas..done subscribed

  22. wonderful ! Enjoyed it very much , Thanks

  23. All three were Good, future upload could focus on theme based like personality, communication, conflict Team building etc

  24. Beutiful ideas
    I will try on. Sunday the where in World is??
    Thank you 💟

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