2022 F1 Esports Series Pro Championship: Round 8

Anyone else just get Déjà vu? It’s time to go racing in Mexico once more, for Round 8 of the 2022 F1 Esports Series Pro Championship, presented by Aramco!

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  1. Why is the spectator mode affected by the differential and brake bias.

  2. Why is there 30 minutes of filler before the race

  3. Haddad did nothing wrong. Racing for position. The multiple drivers who forced him off track should be penalized.

  4. i hope Rasmussen will get suspended… that is straight sabotage

  5. Jarno is back 💯 ! And I really don't like Rasmussen.. he is a very bad sportsman.

  6. Always watching from Georgetown Guyana south America 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

  7. Frederik went off track by himself, you can clearly see Ronhaar left enough space, yet he decided to just cut the corner to try and take him out…

  8. Jarno – Last to first challenge in two league races

  9. Does everyone use the same hub and wheelbase? Are they all at a team base or are people at home?

  10. Rasmussen remembered me Sutil's race at Korea in 2010 (without getting damage)

  11. You've got room for cheating when the drivers are racing from home

  12. Rasmussen destroy the Race of ronhaar – Not nice … ronhaar has pace for p2… he run into drs time, close the gap, this time the move Come… very bad

  13. He didnt even brake…
    Normally he is so calm and collective, this is just unbelievable.

  14. @1:19:13 that should be a 25 second penalty lol tf is wrong with him ?

    I think Opmeer is living in his head rent-free 😜

  15. Rasmussen just bottled valuable points. The one race he could pick off even more points. Who's also managing the strategy for these guys?

  16. Can somebody answer this… how come all these cars seems to have clutch slip where they run on the redline coming out of the corners? Are the drivers using very loose diff settings?

  17. Very odd for Rasmussen, the esports ice man losing his cool. Complete and utter frustration clouding his judgement, awful to see

    Pogmeer tho let's gooo

  18. Rasmussen definitely driver of the day! What a legend

  19. Fredrik Rassmusin should be banned for the rest of the season if not permanently. This type of behavior should not be tolerated at this level of competition.

  20. What is the point of such a race if the hosting cannot set the view from the helmet to all participants?

  21. Kyla! 💖cHAt WiT ME {I'M HERE} 🤳 says:

    Rasmussen's move was straight out of an open lobby. For someone so calm, collected and professional it's disgusting

  22. No offense but Maxime is unlistenable.. I understand there is a language barrier but there has to be people just as qualified that will do a better job. It’s absolutely terrible

  23. 1) Brillant strategy, brillant driving and smart tactics (overtaking Haddad in corners so he slows cars behind) from Jarno
    2) Haddad did nothing wrong. Many drivers pushed Haddad off the track and some even went off themselves and should be penalised (including: Rasmussen and Boroumand)
    3) Lucas fought very hard vs Jake which meant they both were fighting for P8 as they lost time to the cars ahead. While it would be incredibly frustrating for Jake, that is the limit of hard and fair fighting and some other drivers should take note.
    4) Lap 29: Both of Rasmussen’s penalties should be rescinded as he was not left any room when he was entitled to it and was forced off track by Ronhaar.
    5) The lap 32 incident is not acceptable. If that should be either a race ban or a qualifying ban or 10-15 place grid penalty for Rasmussen.
    6) The amateur driving and incidents took attention away from some brilliant drives from drivers such as Jake, Marcel, Josh and Nicolas.

  24. Go merc, congrats jake! Go jarno! What a legend!

  25. Best eSport race of the season so far. Pure fun seeing Opmeer win this in a mile.

  26. F1 Esports is more fun to watch than F1 recently…

  27. I’ve bought three editions of F1 over the last five years and have spent a total of maybe an hour on them

  28. Commentators talking about Rasmussen torpedoing Ronhaar helping Ronhaar smh

  29. Not a fan at all of the new casters. Need to be Matt mainly dude from wtf1. The girl there this time said 4 words. And the girl that goes to the team’s facility’s. So cringey and y’all have to learn when to show it. Y’all had her showing on qualifications with like 3 minutes left the only part you want to see of quailes in f1 esports. And the main host the one with glasses is so cringey just bc they are all sorta nerds don’t mean the fans are. F1 needs to better.

  30. How can you not have safety car enabled or damage it's a part of racing.. things happen…

  31. Who ever is producing this behind the scenes did a bad job selling the theme of this race which was the different strategies. When they started pitting, they never showed what tires racer's switch too so we can see who and where the advantages were between the drivers. it's impossible for the camera's to get every car cause they are too many battles that need attention. However, for those cars you can't get on camera we can get a better understanding by showing the tire graphic and not once did you show it. instead, you showed the pit stop graphic even after they all pitted. It ruined the broadcast for me. The commentators did their job and the producer didn't reinforce their point. Please try to fix that in the future. Tire graphic should be listed when they are lining up and after they pit even if it's only for a few seconds.

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