$1000 Online Crane Game Challenge VS Rainhoe

Muted 1:21:46 – 1:24:46 had to be muted because copyrighted music.

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“WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Chatting Then Crane Game Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Crane Games Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Crane Games Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe – SURPRISE JUDGE @PremierTwo” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Jump King.” was originally streamed on [2023-03-01].

0:00 Just Chatting
52:37 BRB
54:54 Back
59:57 Rainhoe Joins
1:04:20 Crane Game Challenge
3:39:46 Special Guest Judges
3:52:22 Just Chatting With Rain
4:03:12 Just Chatting
4:03:51 Jump King
4:22:11 Outro

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Please keep in mind that certain parts of the video might be muted or cut because of copyright.

#CDawgVA #rainhoe #cranegame


  1. Can't believe Connor still hangs around with pathetic streamers

  2. I thought the classical music was hilarious but my god as soon as he started playing the mariachi music I about lost it

  3. I assume a lot people are like me and will watch it for a while then at some point will take a nap or play a video game with the video's audio playing.

  4. the copyright free music got a copyright claim? haha

  5. I find it weird that online crane games are a thing. Like… we all know crane games are rigged. The only fun part of about it is trying it person as an impulsive thing. Not only are they eliminating the only interesting aspect of it (being in-person) but then there's the insane shipping costs for cheaply made figurines and plushies. Do they not realize they can just buy w/e they wanted off a different site for less money?

  6. it drives me fucking crazy that connor does not lift said item from the back side

  7. Rain is right, Noel has a lot of personality.

  8. As someone who has won many prizes from games like these I can say I like the grind but I can't help but yell at some points. The amount of times I've seen a prize 1 or 2 moves away from a win take like 20 attempts is mind blowing.

  9. You definitely need to do a Crane game World Championship lol, 4 people, 4 different Countries….???? IRL though, online is shite mate.

  10. You should give Chris a chance to win by doing a gacha contest instead of crane games lol. Then you both can open what you both get together as a head to head blind gacha challenge

  11. I'm surprised it took him like $40 before he realized the Miku figure he was trying to pull to copy Rain was replaced by a horse plush? (He spent about 8000 yen/$60 on the horse before getting it)

  12. "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity"

  13. Hes not very good live commentator. The actual thing he commentates can only be seen 2 to 5 second clips and everything else is just he stating every other obvious thing.

  14. I don't know how long it would take but I would love to see you do a stream where you see how long it takes to get to celestial level in guilty gear strive. I really just want to watch you play more guilty gear in general. Another idea is to maybe get someone to coach you in guilty gear.

  15. Hey, I'm a farm stuff video creator. Just wanted to swing by and send you some motivation to keep going! If you have a moment, I would love your thoughts on my channel also.

  16. Tokyocatch doesn't charge a shipping fee if you win at least one prize using gems. So you can win a prize with 40 gems and not have to pay the $10 shipping fee, and still afford to try for more prizes. Also after you spend $15 you get one free play every day.

  17. Nothing happened

    You will understand someday

  18. Why do I always feel bad for Rainhoe? Is that normal?

  19. I work a lot of graveyard nightshifts and late shifts so VODs are really good for passing the time.

  20. I prefer these vids in a real place but i get it..collabing with just Vtubers has limitations..shame they all cant do IRL because of the whole hiding behind a avatar bullshit

  21. 1:20:47
    "sell my stocks and move porn to f7! I've won already!" CDawgVA 2023

  22. Super appreciate the stream vods, it's really nice to have longer content to wind down with while creating things 😊

  23. ff8 might be the 1st and last ff he will play XD

  24. Rain is just happy she can collab with connor again

  25. Rainhoe………a colourful and somewhat whimsical way of saying you're a wet whore?

    Imma use that from now on.

  26. Connor penis enlargement accouncement when?

  27. I still don't care for Rainhoe that much
    But this stream was better than I expected

  28. The shirt Connor wears in this video looks really good on him

  29. I dream that we get a background for chat one day for those sites with white backgrounds.
    Edit: Oh wait, nice just saw he adds it later.

  30. Congratulations Connor on getting Twitch deal 🎉

  31. Hell yeah more crane game and it's against most pathetic VTuber 😂

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