$1000 Online Crane Game Challenge VS Rainhoe

Muted 1:21:46 – 1:24:46 had to be muted because copyrighted music.

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“WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Chatting Then Crane Game Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Crane Games Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Crane Games Vs A Pathetic VTuber @Rainhoe – SURPRISE JUDGE @PremierTwo” / “WE GOT THAT TWITCH DEAL LETS GO. Playing Jump King.” was originally streamed on [2023-03-01].

0:00 Just Chatting
52:37 BRB
54:54 Back
59:57 Rainhoe Joins
1:04:20 Crane Game Challenge
3:39:46 Special Guest Judges
3:52:22 Just Chatting With Rain
4:03:12 Just Chatting
4:03:51 Jump King
4:22:11 Outro

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Please keep in mind that certain parts of the video might be muted or cut because of copyright.

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  1. Rainhoe and Mr Dawg are one of my favorites to watch

  2. Rainhoe is so cringe.
    Just like every other 'Vtuber'.
    Ugly people hiding behind 2D Models to at least get some weeb simps to donate.

  3. How much money do you think he got from his twitch deal

  4. THEY are the duo we all need and want, whether we knew it or not!

  5. I don't watch cdawg except on YT and only with ad block. You make enough muh boi. 😊

  6. 17 minutes on the first JK map after not playing for months is actually not bad.

  7. I thought I started a video from Connors other channel, saw it was 42 min long – 10 min in I thought it was a long intro… realizing it's a vod xD

  8. Rainhoe sounds so much like lifesimmer 😮

  9. Some youtube features aren't available day 1 or if the video is longer than 6 hours. Connor was wondering why there wasn't why there wasn't any "most replayed" thingy

  10. I wonder what Twitch did for Connor in order to keep him exclusive? He's certainly very active and a rising star. Of course, Youtube could simply swallow Twitch in a few years.

  11. I have a question. Can Bubi legally stream on YouTube?

  12. We need more Rainhoe x Connor collabs they are great

  13. Who wants to see me do irl stream in Tokyo? Or wherever in Japan

  14. C̶o̶n̶n̶o̶r̶ Bubi pulling a S̶y̶d̶n̶e̶y̶ Hime

  15. It's very relaxing to watch you sweating over crane games.

  16. Congrats on the twitch deal. I'm glad that you can still upload the VODs here. I can almost never catch you live and I find that the Twitch app is crap to look at older videos (and I am using that app on an amazon tablet).
    And FYI, I like watching the VODs on a second screen while I work, even if they are long VODs.

  17. Rainhoe again cdawg, is she still has a crush on you?

  18. only reason i watched the RV streams on twitch was because i couldn't wait for the youtube uploads. Otherwise twitch vod system sucks. It's good for livestreams, but i hate watching vods there.
    I just kept them running during the whole day, no matter if i was actively watching or had it as "background noise", was just enjoyable not to have to think about what video to open next.

  19. Connor please, I hate waiting an hour to watch you play games. Pls

  20. 『Shadowed Kage Takao Revenants | 𝕰𝕹 𝖁𝖙𝖚𝖇𝖊𝖗』 says:

    Pathetic 🤧, Great Vod overall!

  21. 35:40 I pretty much miss every single livestream unless Connor is streaming till close to midnight JPT time. I love watching the VODS.

  22. 2:09:21 It was so hilarious to see the guy showing Connor what to do to win the prize 😂

  23. They were here…for a long time hehehe

    Always great to have Rain over

  24. Oh can't wait for this to get cut down into a real episode… I'm gonna cackle…

  25. Man you should have had Rainhoe get and wear a trash taste shirt on her model.

  26. Ngl, after discovering JunXeno's channel,
    (Now CDawgVods) I don't think I've watched single video from either of his main ones. Lol. It's just more entertaining to see the whole picture opposed to a short 10-20 min highlight reel…

  27. Connor… I will pay you real money to get Bond the dog… he's so cute with empty emotionless eyes <:( <3

  28. "The starting point of all achievement is desire." _Napoleon Hill

  29. Please make a crane game collab video with Kawaii Arcade Masters. They'll be a challange for you 😄

  30. The little crane claw on the mic stand is so cute!!

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