10 Vocabulary Activities and Games

Etacude English Teachers
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In this video I share 10 Vocabulary Activities, Games and Tips to teaching English vocabulary to ESL learners.

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A big thank you to all the teachers out there making a difference in the lives of all their students. Your impact will not go unnoticed and there is tremendous gratitude for the work and effort you put into this profession.


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  1. Thank you so much for the great work. the activities are so fun that I want to be a student to play together haha just kidding but such good quality content, again thank you so much for sharing this for free with us, my fellow teacher.

  2. thank you very much , the topic is really important .I'm preparing to be a good teacher in the future .you helped me a lot

  3. Hi Eric you know I have three you tube channels one of them is just in English and I teach English but I learn to teach English just by watching your videos thanks for sharing your knowledge and make great videos for me and others. 🙂🌹🌹🌹

  4. Thank you very much for the activities, but could you please try to present some activities that can be used with advanced level or to teach a novel vocabulary?

  5. Thanks a lot! Could you please present some activities that may teach difficult words such as verbs?

  6. thinking is one the hard work in the wourld , so when you think about something for learn you become sad and tierd , in my opinion the best way for learn is learning with game because it's amazing and also you will not tierd because of thinking

  7. I think your way is very traditional for 21 century.

  8. and translation is a bad way of learning English.

  9. Thanks for your good teaching 👍
    Very useful video 🌹🌺

  10. Are you from South Africa?
    really enjoying the videos by the way. My students love the activities.

  11. Here, let me help with the title.

    Tips For Teaching Vocab In The ESL Classroom

    Sorry, man, but this isn't a list of activities

  12. please i need a video about how to teach synonyms words in the classroom.

  13. Hi Eric, thanks for your usefull videos .Shall we teach pronunciation signs to beginners?

  14. make a video on how to teach adjectives.

  15. Ok many bunches of thanks from🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  16. This is very important for improve our active teaching learning prosses. Thank you so very much

  17. Hi!.Could hoy do a video for practicing speaking and conversation for kids

  18. Im going to apply ur tips on my class…it s really help me as an english teacher… Never say old to study , right?…thanks for sharing 😀😀 regards from north-borneo, Indonesia

  19. Great video. We've played scattegories and bingo and they've worked well. Bet the students would love throwing a ball at a target. Will have to give that one a try

  20. Great Channel.. Thanks for your true advices

  21. I hope u share more videos about teaching adults like teaching adults vocabulary,grammar, speaking , reading, writing

  22. That was a great video.😍 Thank you very much.🌹🌹

  23. I was lookinf for a in live example for fast learning. Ill keep looking for…

  24. Thank you. They are really useful and effective. Please tell us funnier and more educational games

  25. long live masculinity. a shame on you carrying or supporting the motherfuckers flag

  26. CN u give some ideas for English day celebration activities/performance

  27. My students love your activities, be blessed.

  28. Glad to find your video today and subscribe to it already. will learn more from "Etacude English Teachers"

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