10 Things That Ruin Roblox For Kids

What else “slipped” by in Roblox that’s not particularly kid friendly? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Roblox isnt just a game, it is much more than that. The world of Roblox has so much to do. It’s almost impossible to ever get bored. There are so many different types of games to play and different people to meet. There are thousands of games for the player to choose from and explore. From team games to individual games, from shooter games to baby-raising games, Roblox has it all. Since there is an endless amount of games, you never know exactly what you might come across in the world of Roblox. Some things are hilarious, some are downright weird while others make you wonder how it ended up in a game that is supposed to be kid-friendly. In fact, Roblox was actually designed for children.

Massively multiplayer online games like Roblox are full of different kinds of players. Some people have their own agenda of why they are playing the game which may be positive or negative. Some befriend you so they can scam you later on while others just like making everyone die of laughter and have a good time. The point is there are some awesome people in the community, but there are also some odd people out there. Seeing as Roblox is a kid-friendly game, there are plenty of people with bad intentions simply because kids are easier to fool than teens or adults. Without further ado, here are 10 things kids shouldn’t see in Roblox. Enjoy!

Script by: Valerie M.

Voice Over by: Cody Flesher

Edited by: Jordan Biordi

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  1. Yes definetly "kid friendly"

  2. When I was in a lgbtq game someone’s username was “plzgiveassforfree”
    And he kept saying “lgbtq people suck”

  3. Well some people make scary games in roblox so kids get scared which is bad

  4. Well one time a 6 year old ask me to Mary him and I'm 9 and after that I never talked to him ever again


  6. One time in 2017 someone swears at me roasting me and it was one of my best friends in IRL

  7. It is also full of bullies a lot and as far as I’ve learned cyber bullying is not ok like this one time I was playing one of the games on it playing as an animal then when I was talking about helping people and being kind someone private messages me saying:your not going to heaven your going to hell like what the heck dude why is that going through in roblox if I was a parent I wouldn’t want my kid getting cyber bullied

  8. Think about it:as the kids are playing the most well known kid friendly adopt me as their playing around with their favorite pet they suddenly see:abc to trust trade you go first so they put their favorite pet accept the trade then RIGHT as the second trade is going on the scammer leaves the server SCAMMED and as reporting doesn’t work sometimes there’s nothing we can do about it even though I love roblox it’s got some ups and downs like all games

  9. Why are they so many people that play roblox and it’s 12+ but lots of them are 5+ not to be mean or anything

  10. I was on the store my avatar was on the store

  11. Wild young and free UR DIRTY MIDED AF

  12. O.d ing is overdosing on crack like you're dad and my dad

  13. Do yall think this guy even played the game 4 an hour at least

  14. i remember one time in bloxburg i was playing with some friends and i was a baby and locked myself in my friends cupboard

  15. Meep city is not so popular now

  16. If you are doing a part 2, you should include weird boxes in your video, along with "hacked" games and stuff.

  17. Well roblox is a good game but every game has shitty community

  18. Well meepcity has So many Daters Kids And Edgy kids


  20. man you pronouce everything wrong
    please go back to school

  21. Just hereing the word "wild starr" makes me think about the past

  22. This guy is over reacting about the meeps rolling on the floor.

    Plus it's not odear it ODer

  23. Forget the text filter is a nightmare and not fun

  24. I won't stop I just started online dating this year

  25. Bruh u buy robux to buy stuff that's the whole point of the game is to customize avatars and play games

  26. I knew roblox is so fun if you going to deeper and deeper you go darker and darker in to lore a

  27. Ehhh I play Roblox and lm a kid all so my bro 😑😑😑

  28. guys chill this vid was in 2017 so roblox was not like right now in the preasent it kinda became worse to be honest

  29. Speaking of scammers I was in a roblox game called champions simulator where you use a pair of boxing gloves to get stronger and stuff and a scammer said to get free roblox go to this website and then they in chat by the server it said this player has been reset to rank one for using fake money and they had to start all over again

  30. Everyone: talking about how he complains about everything

    Me: did he add itsfunneh?!

  31. You forgot about bullying online and Saying you're too young and it's only for teenagers people playing cause they don't have robux

  32. Until they change their profit model I feel like people should make the entire store as unfriendly to kids as possible.

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