10 Things That Ruin Roblox For Kids

What else “slipped” by in Roblox that’s not particularly kid friendly? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Roblox isnt just a game, it is much more than that. The world of Roblox has so much to do. It’s almost impossible to ever get bored. There are so many different types of games to play and different people to meet. There are thousands of games for the player to choose from and explore. From team games to individual games, from shooter games to baby-raising games, Roblox has it all. Since there is an endless amount of games, you never know exactly what you might come across in the world of Roblox. Some things are hilarious, some are downright weird while others make you wonder how it ended up in a game that is supposed to be kid-friendly. In fact, Roblox was actually designed for children.

Massively multiplayer online games like Roblox are full of different kinds of players. Some people have their own agenda of why they are playing the game which may be positive or negative. Some befriend you so they can scam you later on while others just like making everyone die of laughter and have a good time. The point is there are some awesome people in the community, but there are also some odd people out there. Seeing as Roblox is a kid-friendly game, there are plenty of people with bad intentions simply because kids are easier to fool than teens or adults. Without further ado, here are 10 things kids shouldn’t see in Roblox. Enjoy!

Script by: Valerie M.

Voice Over by: Cody Flesher

Edited by: Jordan Biordi

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  1. I agree this guy hasn’t played Roblox but when he said the boy thing like teething it happened to me so that is one thing that is real and I think the Bacons I think they should have at least some Robux.

  2. I mean know is much worse is because the new "oof" sounds terrible and there is toxic people and more dumb kids im actually starting to hate roblox just for that reasons 😑

  3. Roblox is ruined because of online daters and slenders and toxic peoples which they are weird and my sister used to be an online dater so I hate her now jk about I hate her

  4. I don’t like Meep city I like adopt me lol

  5. Bruh every kid online dates not teens because teens are older .-.

  6. Well I’m from the future so now there’s text filter

  7. Lol kids only thinks it’s cool to swear

  8. all of these old people be on Roblox and that is just creepy

  9. The foul language in Roblox does tags like this ####

  10. I am a kid but I am eight years old but I am artist

  11. And I don’t voice Roblox for my parents money

  12. And I’m a kid so I’m not on my date because I’m a different kid that doesn’t deep people

  13. how to ban players i am just asking i am 7

  14. "the roblox customer service is fantastic"
    2022 Roblox: Not for me.

  15. Well this ruins the game but how does the kids know?

  16. Oh play online Minecraft end you will see weird names 😀

  17. Bruh I just gived a scammer a rare pet because its scammer don’t want to have the scammer at me sooo end later I got griffin R F

  18. nowadays you can bypass words in chat sadly roblox i think will never fix it cuz no one is catching it only on lgbtq hangout where bacons there bullying black people and being a homophobic i truly agree with them being homophobics but racism?hmm bit too far.

  19. The chat filter bad because it doesnt work it bad because it filters everything you cant even put fat in your username

  20. To be honest for me Roblox isn't a game for kids.Since this all is happening and- And tags aren't foul language.And its not our problem , kids shouldn't play this, not our problem we ruin or swear just- …

  21. I have reported to users on the ROBLOX that were swearing in elevator lift with free admin

  22. They always have the name are like feiugvkkihbfd kihd

  23. The worst day I ever had with my Besty and I said to her then when she saw someone on the door She left immediately😢

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