10 Sight Words Games for Young Learners

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In this video I explain Dolch and Fry Sight Words and share 10 sight word games/ activities for young learners.
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A big thank you to all the teachers out there making a difference in the lives of all their students. Your impact will not go unnoticed and there is tremendous gratitude for the work and effort you put into this profession.


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  1. The words you cant say using the phonics sounds are called tricky words😉
    I like Jack he has some good songs for young learners.

  2. bless you .
    Thanks words are not enough.

  3. I like your content and enjoy teaching at school.My students are also enjoying the journy of learning English language in a fun way .

  4. unable to find any sight word list can you share it Please

  5. Love it…Thanks. It is a big eye opener …

  6. thanks a lot i have subscribed to you channel today, i'm an english teacher in one of russian schools (Dagestan Rupublic)

  7. Thank you very much for useful and interesting content. Hello from Ukraine.

  8. Amazing video thanks, teacher Eric 👍👍👍

  9. very inetersting activities. Thank you etacude

  10. Where can I order the site words T-shirt

  11. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas!
    From Vietnam😊

  12. Thank you ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Eric for your help 🤠😊🌹🌹🌹

  13. Great, thank you for your ideas! but what do you do if you have a hyperactive special student in your class?

  14. Very interesting Eric .nice video I can imagine you interesting lessons .I have phom that have the shapes of the hand on each writen a sight word I usually stick on the board so the kids like to put their hand and say the sight words every morning.

  15. I ALSO prepair small flash cards laminate and put magnit behind them .each cup has a label of the sight words that contain then and each child has a small board they are supposed to make sentences using these words and in addition to some pictures.

  16. I'm trying to watch all your videos…fancinating

  17. Can u prepare skit based on importance of english ur all vedios r useful

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