10 Korean Words related to Entertainment 오락 어휘

Learn Korean in India
In this quick lesson, we will learn 10 Korean words related to Entertainment.

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  1. Sir kya lopic level 3 ka may me koi btech hai mughe apply karna hai

  2. Hello Sir,Hope you're doing well. Is there a specific number of words that you should know to get level 6? It is usually said that 2000+ words are needed for level 2, from what I've heard.Thank you for uploading videos. It is very helpful.

  3. Thank you sir🙏. You gave almost all important words related to entertainment. Thanks for this but sir
    Please make video also on irregular i requested also in previous video. Sir please don't ignore.

  4. 한글여행(Learn Korean with language comparison) says:

    재밌는 내용입니다.

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