10 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch – July 2022

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July pun [sic]

Zion’s excellent Time on Frog Island preview:
Zion’s equally lovely Live A Live preview:
Zion’s eloquent Xenoblade Chronicles 3 preview:

KLONOA Phantasy Reverie Series – 8th July
Time on Frog Island – 12th July
XEL – 14th July
Endling – Extinction is Forever – 19th July
River City Saga: Three Kingdoms – 21st July
LIVE A LIVE – 22nd July
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium – 22nd July
Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 – 28th July
Digimon Survive – 28th July
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – 29th July

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  1. This July has a lot of games that are in my radar: Klonoa, time on Frog Island and Live A Live.

  2. My plans this month is Time on Frog Island and Bear and Breakfast because I want charming and cute and they seem to be exactly that.

  3. I have to say I am looking forward to Xena Boy Chronicles 3 I've never played a Xenoblade game are the Xenoblade mechanics easy to learn for someone new to the series thanks for letting me know about Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  4. Xenobladr chronicles games don't connect in their stories right?

  5. PC Emulation is hands down the best way to play Nintendo Switch games as it offers much greater graphics resolution and performance than the Nintendo Switch and also gives freedom to use mods.

  6. God D*mn I have been watching youre videos for ages and with youre voice I was 100% convinced you were indonesian :p

  7. Do I need to play the first 2 Xenoblades to understand 3?

  8. I don't see Klonoa on the eShop let alone a demo on the eShop.

  9. No Klonoa demo here in the US… it’s not even in the eshop yet! Wtf!!

  10. Lmao that Digimon kid story 😂 👍 👍

  11. U don't like hd 2d?? Are u mad sir. When I first saw octopath. I almost wet my pants. It's that good. Jokes aside I get it. My wife hates it. I don't get it but to each his own I guess.

  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a must buy for me. You should have covered the direct. There wasn't much in the way of spoilers.

  13. Doesn't look interesting this month and I don't play Xenoblade only thing on that list is Digamion

  14. That shirt looked pink nor orange, but definitely a bright red on my phone's oled screen.

  15. Is the Klonoa demo UK eshop only? I’m not seeing it. Klonoa doesn’t even appear on search and it comes out tomorrow lol On the website it just says “Releasing 2022”.

  16. Just saying Digimon is better lol 😂 and I loved that song as a kid. Pokémon games are fun but the Digimon franchise is lovely. Especially the anime series.

  17. Best part of the video was that story of the bully.

  18. XenoBlade Chronicles 3 is My Most Wanted Game of the Year

  19. I'm still hyped for Megaman Battle Network Collection

  20. woah 🔥 keep it up sir thank you thank you.

  21. 9:02 Digimon are better pokemon designs suck; literally 90% of Pokemon are pastel marshmallows with nubs. The characters in Pokemon suck and the games are poorly programmed.

  22. tbf…. Digimon has a WAY better story than Pokemon as well as better characterizations

  23. What about F.I.S.T.?
    Yeah, it's a port…but looks awesome

  24. digimon season 1 is literaly one (if not the) best animes of all time, pokemon looks like absolute poopoo compared (and i love pokemon since like ~2000), fair enough, the most other seasons of digimon…are not nearly as good as the first…games wise, the best pokemon games are like snap, stadium etc, because the "normal" one, are basicly all the same (again, loved blue,red,yellow etc) and digimon havent had many good games either…the cyber sleuth one are decent, i guess the best ones are on ps1(or was it 2…)and the intro, damn, in german(my first language), the digimon intro still gives me goose bumbs every.single.time. even with 32yo 😀 here again, pokemon is awesome too =)

  25. For a moment I thought you'd say Doshin the Giant for the umpteenth time.

  26. what is that annoying background music its making my ear bleed

  27. That's because the volt game is made by the original Mega Man Creator.

  28. Yesterday I finished Life is strange true colours on switch. Are there any news about the port on switch of life is strange collection remaster?

  29. The pokemon games are better, but the digimon show is better.

  30. I'm definitely picking up Xenoblade 3 and my sis will be getting digimon survive. Also you missed bear and breakfast wich will be releasing July 28th, Im looking forward to playing as well.


  32. Frog island looks like the perfect game to relax during the summer holidays, I will definitely buy it and take it away with me on vacations 🙂

  33. Damn… this guy's voice grates on me- not only that, some of things he says; as if he's afraid to have an opinion that might upset viewers etc (and devs?). I.e. on live A live he says he doesn't care for the art style and then says it's beautiful. Oh well, moving on…

  34. I CAN NOT BELIEVE they made a brand new river city rampage game!!!

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