10 Big Brain Moves to CHEESE Hard Bosses

If a video game boss doesn’t play fair, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Here are some dumb but brilliant cheese moves to conquer certain bosses.
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  1. SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction says:

    Oh yeah this is big brain time

  2. Thank you for covering double dragon, I had so many memories flood back playing that with my buddy Dave. Cheesing that boss always made us laugh

  3. Soulsbornesekiroring veterans be like:
    These kids are pathetic

  4. It's always amusing to find cheap tricks for hard bosses, like using the fishing rod against Ganondorf in 'Twilight Princess'.

    One of my favorite cheeses was the third boss in 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution'. He's supposed to be your mirror match, as augmented and as powerful as you in every way (and if you got the firmware update, the first half of the fight you're fighting with your own augments having been disabled). As a boss, he is also immune to the game's quick takedown attacks. However, as you're maneuvering around the room there are a number of short walls that create hallways and obstacles within the stage that the boss can vault over. During this animation, however, he suddenly becomes very vulnerable to a number of alternative tactics… including the aforementioned quick takedowns. It was the most hilarious thing to me to carefully position myself, watch this guy vault over a wall to get to me… and seeing a short animation of Jenson just decking him across the face and knocking him out cold, immediately ending the fight.

    I don't know if they ever patched that out or not, but boy was it satisfying.

  5. Entertaining and informative. I actually just jump attacked shadow link in LoZ2 and it seemed to work well. Just gotta time hitting his exposed head since his body was blocked by the shield. It may be that he would try to see you jumping at him as an opening to and let his guard down. Either way, he wasn't that much of a challenge to me back in the day. I used to be able to 1 life the original Castlevania also.

  6. or the end metal gear solid 3, start the fight and skip the console 8 days. go back into game play and the end has died without you doing anything.

  7. "How many bosses do you know of who take a nap?"

    Me who throws a dozen of sleep status effects at bosses in Persona 5:- 🤣☺️😴

  8. double dragon you can beat the game with one move. do you know what move it is ? i know cause i am old as ball5.we used it with one quarter or token in an arcade.

  9. 1:20 funnily enough, I had absolutely no problems with these two. I was, of course, running a Cold-blooded Samurai build (Bleed/Cold Uchigatana in my main hand, Moonlight Katana in my off-hand), but I melted through them without needing sleep pots

  10. I dont think i've killed the Snow Elf any other way haha. Tip: Use the Become Ethereal shout to jump down and grab the armour, then you can fast travel back to the top.

  11. In boarderlands 2 for the final boss I just went into the corner ledge where the lava wouldn’t touch me and was able to just keep sniping the boss.
    I did this by accident on my first ever play through. Made the final boss easier compared to others.

  12. why on earth would you cheese the bosses in MGS3 your losing the best camouflage.

    if you use tranquillisers and put each member to sleep you gain their camouflage, the hardest is "the end" but he had better cheeses than "the fear" like changing you consoles clock to age him or sniping him after a cut scene while he's in a wheelchair both of which skips the fight with him… because he's dead… but you won't get his kick ass camouflage

  13. This is the most energy and enthusiasm I've heard Falcon have in his voice in a while. lol Thanks for all the dope videos @Gameranx !

  14. Running Demon of Hatred off the cliff in Sekiro is hilarious!

  15. why cheese any boss in elden ring if you can just summon a mimic and have the same effect …

  16. Iirc, your No.1 (KotOR) only works on lower difficulties. I remember trying to use mines on him on Difficult (highest difficulty) and he either successfully saved against all of them and took very little damage or he just force-jumped over them, setting them off while taking no damage whatsoever. :/ However, mines do work quite well on Rancors, Sith Masters (on Korriban) and almost everyone else in the game.

  17. Contra 1. Final boss, the Heart. Rush into it and mash that shoot button like there's no tomorrow. You'll probably have to jump off about once or twice a facehugger, but that's just it.
    Army of Two 1: me and my buddy rushed into the final boss, a super elite sniper, threw him into the floor, and beat the shit outta him on the floor.

  18. How has throwing nades and having Atheon walk off the edge in Destiny not made it on one of these list lol

  19. Hey Falcon, What about The End in Metal Gear 3 Snake Eater….? If you're talking about Cheese… I think it's the cheesiest…

  20. Nothing on this list is as hard as sigrun from god of war

  21. The cheese for 1-3 has me dying laughing. The simplicity of 2 lol

  22. I thought Destiny 1 Crota LAN cable was going to be on the list

  23. In borderlands 3 with the Holy mouthpiece in the boss arena there is a staircase he and his minions can't get to and you just take shots at him

  24. Alternate universe where Darth Vader gets blasted by rebels and the war almost ends right there because then they go and invade and palpatine gets killed as well.

  25. Was either Just Cause 3 or 4, but if you get one tether from the dude’s helicopter to the ground, it will crash and end him immediately.

  26. Why didn't you add THE END boss fight from mgs 3? Just turn off the console for a month and the old man will die of old age.

  27. The Psycho Mantis fight in Metal Gear Solid 2nd controller slot trick is by far the best of the best cheese moments

  28. Bruh I gotcha one better. Save everyone you can in og dead rising 2 keep a ton of orange juice from the east side mall and keep going in and out to get To the East casino and pick up the lmg's At the highest point in the room for everyone, Rinse and repeat. You beat bosses within minutes.

  29. No Destiny raid bosses, really? Crota network cord pull, though he was never really that hard to begin with. The real one is Riven, the hardest raid boss fight in the franchise, even when you consider it doesn't even have a hard/prestige/master mode, and it's been cheesed since about week 2 of Forsaken until this day almost 4 years later. You can skip all mechanics and danger and just have everybody stand there and shoot her mouth or hand as soon as she comes out until you get teleported to the last stand phase.

  30. For the Skyrim loot all you have to do is use the become etheral shout, then jump off the same spot of the wall

  31. litteraly as a kid i did the Crash bandacoot Cheese, I remember it so clearly. it was my big brain moment when I was a wee lad

  32. Elden Ring Fire Giant boss, you can just make him step off a cliff twice and he’s dead lmao.

  33. I have a good memory from The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone, when I was fighting the Toad Prince I realized it was the toad from the fairy tale. So I made the connection to use the cursed oil which turned out to be the weakness.

  34. Omg I could have just yelled that pointy eared fk off the edge…

  35. The three I remember most are Goro from Mortal Kombat, The Second Sister in Jedi Fallen Order, and General RAAM in Gears of War.

  36. Dude .. destiny 1 had a raid boss call Crota

    The way players cheese that raid boss Was hilarious

    Host has to disconnect the internet

  37. Godskin duo instead of pest threads spam on Elden beast? Really?

  38. I mean on original Xbox you could skip Malak fight altogether with a controller in fourth slot and turn him into a dancing twilek

  39. Spouting memes and using caps in title. Gamewank

  40. i cant believe you left crawmerax off the list.

  41. The one I always cheesed when I discovered the trick was the boss fight against the Bull Rancor in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. You can just hide in a little cave at the side of the boss arena where the Rancor can't reach you and then just use force lightning to whittle it's health down.

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