🎮 Guess the GAME by Emoji…! 🎲

In this emoji quiz, guess the video game by emoji. There are a total of 30 question and in each question we will show you emojis and you have to guess the video game. Games in this quiz are:- Minecraft, Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Clash Royle, Call of Duty, and many more.

Can you guess the game by emoji.

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  1. Minecraft, angry bird, plant vvs zombies temple run, fruit ninja, free fire,dragon city, rainbow friend ,cyberpunk 2077,clash of clans,talking Tom ,pokemon go

  2. Nah number 6 was impossible to guess unless you were cheating.

  3. i do not like it some make no sence like when u guess the roblox one it say something what not even in roblox

  4. Wow thansk for sayoign very nicwly welcomw back i havent seen you in 3 years very epicness🤑🤑🥶😪😱😱🥹😭😢

  5. It was a really good quiz. Thanks a lot for creating it!!!

  6. thats hard and i play minecraft its also a long vidio

  7. I play free fire is so cool play it in my linkin bayou

  8. Rainbow friends are not game that is roblox map

  9. i love roblox and im 11 im gonna be 12
    :] also my sis plays roblox

  10. just suck too much for my brain and my brothers

  11. Idk why I guessed gay people instead of rainbow friends

  12. l love rainbow friends and Roblox 😁

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