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Hay peachy squad! So in this video I am going to be Very Easy Parkour Obby while showing you guys some viral tiktok story times! So just sit back and relax and enjoy the video 💞
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  1. i know maybe why she is acting weird i think she got kidnapped because the mom said quick someone is following us thats why

  2. Story 2 if lia mom adopted her bf dosent that mean they are brother and sister

  3. Bro first off how she know she got cancer💀

  4. I swear to mother other brothers mother cried their freaking god

    Got me dying

  5. Bro WTH u can’t here voices in roblox

  6. Hii! These were really good! I appreciate the time u put in the vids!! 🙂 also what’s the game you were playing? ^^

  7. If kimmy’s mom is adopting her bf they can’t be together

  8. Everyone looking at the storytime:
    Me looking at the avatars:

  9. So if the mom is gonna adopt john then SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  10. dont you guys realize kimmy is using the same picture of isabella in the other video and they r using the pic of a youtuber

  11. 4:46 I thought he said he was 14 and he could already drive xD.

  12. Jack and mia confess to eachother clia: im out

  13. This is so cool, i really like backround and texting speeching
    That its really hard to edit you're videos, and i appreciate that this is really awsome and sometimes Happy, sad that will make you cry and angry.
    I really really appreciate this that we can talk about how awesome is this👏👏👏

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