🇧🇷 BRA vs. 🇹🇷 TUR – Highlights | Women’s OQT 2023

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Watch the women’s highlights between Brazil and Türkiye of the Olympic Qualification 2023 in Tokyo (Japan)! #OQT2023 #Volleyball

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  1. Perú y argentina tuvieron suerte de que turquía no jugara en serio como contra brasil. De lo contrario, ambos países tendrían un máximo de 5 puntos

  2. Türkiye sizinle Gurur duyuyor 😍❤️


  4. That set to Julia needs to be faster, that connection is off.

  5. Bu nasıl takım ?Dünyada hiç bir takım yenemiyor :=))))) Bu dönem tek gurur kaynağımız.

  6. Apart from the volleyball announcer's ridiculous pronunciation mistakes, the match was perfect. Every time he says the word Türkiye I get angry. Do you choose primary school graduates for this? He must not be so ignorant that he cannot think of using his mind and researching how to pronounce it. 😤😤😤😤

  7. Que excelente juego de turkia que hizo lo que tenía que hacer y Brasil jugo bien y peleo hasta el ultimo aunque estaban tristes por fallecimiento de Kaleska una exCampeona Olímpica

  8. it pronounces as Türkiye! But announcer has right to pronounce us "Turki-yay or Turki-yeah" while we are going to 20 in a row!!!!

  9. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  10. Which country is Törkayey? It was TÜRKİYE playing with Brazil! Didn't the huge Volleyball World TV Announcer learn to say TÜRKİYE? What a pity! You also make paid broadcasts. It's a shame for the money you paid! TÜR-Kİ-YE! I think you're deliberately saying it wrong! Or do you have a learning disability syndrome? The name of my country is TÜR-Kİ-YE!

  11. It may not be an excuse, but the girls had just found out about the death of one of their friends, I believe that this affected their performance too, but the Turkish team has great players, and I'm a fan of the team. love from Brazil.

  12. Buen equipo turco, Dios bendiga esa lastimada nación

  13. Cuando Brasil jugaba con las bellas morenas jugaba mucho más fuerte

  14. Rest in peace Valewska! 🖤🕊️ 🇧🇷

  15. ja,ahora soy de turkia porque cuba ya no clasifica ,ni la invitan que triste😢.pues ahora turkia es mi favorito. Felicidades 👏

  16. ja,ahora soy de turkia porque cuba ya no clasifica ,ni la invitan que triste😢.pues ahora turkia es mi favorito. Felicidades 👏

  17. 今日のブラジルの試合のために見にきた

  18. Thaisa’nın bacağına takılan şeyle yürümek zorken nasıl maçı tamamladı anlamadım.

  19. 😮😮😮😮😮😮 Mostly the points scored by Brazil are shown, but there are two teams in the match.

  20. Eu Gosto muito dos brasileiros, mas o canal não gosta nada dos turcos. É interessante que apenas mostra o time adversário

  21. Every single time Turkey plays against Brazil, I remember that match between Turkey and Brazil in World Cup (Football) in Korea and that Korean referee who was incredibly pro-Brazilian, especially being fooled by Brazilian actors for giving that penalty against Turkey. Shame!

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  25. Hoje o Brasil não é favorito a ganhar o ouro olímpico. Mass todas as vezes que ele não chega como favorito, ele vai longe .às vezes as semifinais ou até mesmo a final como aconteceu na última olimpíada no qual ele perdeu para os u.s.a. Assim como Brasil , China, u.s.a , e colocaria a Rússia mas como ela está fora. vejo Turquia, sérvia até mesmo a Polônia e a república dominicana surpreendo pois são equipes que evoluíram muito.

  26. 😇🥰❤✌

    We are the champions, my friends

    And we'll keep on fighting till the end

    We are the champions

    We are the champions

    No time for losers

    'Cause we are the champions of the World


  27. Türkiye, not Türkaye. Please mind the pronouncation next time. Thanks!

  28. Şu an dünyadaki en iyi takımız. Tek hedef kaldı olimpiyatta🏅

  29. 2 hombres tiene el equipo de Turquía.

  30. Ay no esas lesbianas para en hombres de Turquía

  31. Sadece Türkiye'nin değil dünyanın en iyi🥇 Smaçörü👑 İLKİN 🎖AYDIN🏆

  32. Perdemos mais com respeito. Amo essas jogadoras de Turquia

  33. And last, the game was excellent; it was better than I had anticipated it to be given that it had been difficult to predict in any way. When the bomb went off and Walewska tragically died, I felt that as

  34. Our two nations are avid fans of jousting, so congratulations to Brazil on a fine game.🇹🇷🇧🇷

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